I associate autumn at the market with beautiful courgettes, pumpkins and pears; apples and plums of different colours and varieties. Today I decided to mix autumn vegetables and fruits, and I made a salad with pumpkin, feta cheese and plums, seasoned with honey, cinnamon and chili pepper. Parsley and walnuts completed the dish. Autumn on a plate in both taste and colours.

Remember to choose hard plums and bake the pumpkin al. dente. Overdone vegetables don't look beautiful, and the texture of the salad will leave a lot to be desired.

400g of pumpkin
3 tablespoons of olive oil
1 tablespoon of fresh rosemary
1 teaspoon of dried thyme
100g of feta cheese
4 plums


When outside it is grey and sad we hold dear the places where it is warm, nice and sweet. As well as our unbeatable sofa in the living room where we may count on a warm blanket and a cup of hot tea, we have a couple of favourite places with a happy atmosphere. Recently, Croque Madame on Nowy Świat Street 41 has joined this group.

We found our way there by chance on a windy Saturday evening. We were welcomed by nice and smiling waitresses. Though the Café décor may not appeal to everyone, the display case with dainties would cater to every taste. The meringue torte with raspberries or blackcurrants, the cheesecake with white chocolate, the cheese tart with figs, and the fresh (despite the late hour) buns delight with their appearance and overindulge the palates. Fragrant coffee caught our noses and conjured fancy pictures of milky foam, but because it was late we decided on tea.

The weather outside was depressing, so to lift our mood we ordered boiling hot winter tea. We were enchanted with the way it was served. Flavoursome black tea with oranges and seasonings waited for us in cups enveloped in teacup cosies. Next to them warming up there were small jugs with raspberry juice and fresh fruits. All of this brought to mind a small work of art. We have never had such beautiful and imaginatively served tea.


Sometimes, to surprise our children, I put something sweet in their lunch boxes. I try to prepare something sweet but healthy and attractive. My daughter asked me not to pack the most delicious things in her lunch box because she is generous and shares her food, and then there's not enough for her. I solved the problem. I make twice as much and pack a large amount of treats for school.

I would like to share with you a recipe for millet groats-date cookies. They are not too sweet and so yummy that I couldn't resist them myself. If you like crunchier cookies you should turn on the convection oven to dry your treats.

100g of millet groats
60g of dried dates
70g of almonds
70g of butter
2 tablespoons of honey
half a teaspoon of vanilla essence


I have always associated white sausage with Easter. I used to prepare long, baked white sausage with horseradish and serve it with celeriac salad. Sometimes I add it to white borscht. In these dishes I use a raw white sausage.

Recently, I found ready-baked white sausages in the shop. On the same day, they went into my fridge and I thought about what I could prepare with them. It is best to buy something first and then look for the idea for a dish Mrugnięcie. This time I managed it. I quickly prepared shish kebabs with white sausages, bacon, dried plums, and onion. Rosemary was excellent seasoning for them.

This dish is excellent as a hot supper, but it could also be great for a summer barbeque. Don't forget to serve it with horseradish and prepare a light salad.

Ingredients (for 6 shish kebabs)
3 white sausages
1 onion
9 slices of bacon
18 dried plums


Crepes have always been my son's most favourite dish. With cottage cheese, yoghurt and a hint of chocolate sauce, such a huge amount of them disappear from his plate that I really wonder where he finds room for them. Apparently for crepes, my son has a separate place in his stomach. Recently, he has developed a liking for crepes with fruit jam. For my son, only the sweet version of this dish is edible. I would prepare crepes with spinach, nuts and feta cheese only for me.

Looking for inspiration for a new approach to sweet crepes I found a blog www.szczesliva.pl and there I discovered a great idea. I made crepes without any flour, but with ready-made semolina according to the recipe from this page. The crepes were very tasty, fluffy and were acclaimed as a culinary bomb.

In my opinion it is much easier to make the dough than for traditional crepes. Without using a blender they have a smooth texture without lumps, which means this recipe will be my favourite one for crepes.

Ingredients (10 creps):
340g of ready semolina
600ml of milk
2 eggs


"Only dead people don't lie", the second crime story by Katarzyna Bonda, encouraged me to read her other books. Recently, in order to catch up, I got hold of her first novel and I was not able to put it down.

In the "Nina Frank case" we meet the policeman Hubert Meyer and learn about his professional successes and the fact they do not match the failures in his private life. He isn't a common lawman who drives around in a police car. He doesn't shoot or arrest anybody; he is a perishingly intelligent and perceptive police psychologist-profiler, who has formulated a method for describing criminals.

The action of the novel unfolds in two parallel worlds. The first is Mielnik by the River Bug – a calm and idyllic village. Everybody knows each other. They shop in the same place and pray in the same church, and afternoon TV series are their only recreation. The second world is the dirty but seemingly shiny world of show business in the big city. Nina Frank – the most popular Polish serial actress – is the connection between the two worlds. She tells her story from beyond the grave through pictures from a diary. On the one hand we meet a beautiful woman who is as nice and saintly as the character of the nun she plays, but on the other hand we have a flurried girl who makes bad choices in a world full of alcohol, drugs and lovers. The desire to get something better than her mother's work as a librarian, the prospect of fame and money push her to get involved in dirty tricks, sins and scams. Like a moth that's flown too close to the flame, the young girl from a good home meets with disaster. Hubert Meyer has to help unravel the murder of this beautiful actress.

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