About me

I’m a woman, a mum, and a wife. A few years ago I decided to be a full- time house manager and sometimes I work as a “family school bus”. I like my life and I would like to share all this with you. I like to be in control of my time, spending it with my family, taking care of our house and cooking. Sometimes I have spare time to do handicraft.

In my culinary proposals in general you will not find extremely complicated dishes which require a list of ingredients as long as a phone book. I do not like buying sophisticated condiments from which I will use only a pinch and the rest ends up in the bin in a few months because the best before date has expired. I value simple, interesting cuisine and gladly embrace nature's blessings, using easily accessible, seasonal products.

Sometimes I try to capture some amazing moments by taking pictures. I’m strongly critical when assessing my work, but some of them you can see on www.kobiecymokiem.flog.pl.

Generally, you can say I’m sitting at home… Sometimes after a difficult day I consider how far this is from reality.

It would be nice for me if some of you would like to share my daily life with me. I’ll read every comment and find out your opinions, even if they are different from mine. I will erase any rude or vulgar comments.

If you would like to get in touch with me, you can send me an e-mail: flora205@wp.pl

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