Reportedly, the devil is in the detail, and I think this is true. Sometimes a simple dish with ordinary ingredients is completely different when you serve it in an amazing dish or with surprising extras.

Today I managed to perform this trick on my salad. Because this is the asparagus spear season (long may it last), I prepared a salad with asparagus spears. I combined them with cherry tomatoes, mozzarella cheese and eggs. Only the sauce was amazing: lemon-pistachio sauce. It was the first salad I ever served with this sauce, and I'm sure that it won't be the last.

Ingredients (for 3 people)
a bunch of asparagus spears
200g of cherry tomatoes
200g of mozzarella cheese
3 eggs
fresh basil
peel and juice of half a lemon
100g of salty pistachios
1-2 tablespoons of maple syrup
1 tablespoon of olive oil


Sometimes I commit a blunder and ask my children what they would like for supper. Then for sure I will spend a long time in the kitchen instead of a few minutes. My children order a very sophisticated dish or at least with ingredients I don't have in the kitchen. Today I outwitted them. They wanted pancakes. I made them, but only I knew how simple and fast they were.

I'll tell you a secret. I noticed that I didn't have any eggs. I made yeasty apple pancakes without eggs, and I'll never again add any eggs to them. They were excellent – crunchy on the outside and fruity and fluffy inside. My son said that the pancakes were masterful, and that should be the best recommendation.

250g of flour
7g of dry yeast
2 tablespoons of sugar
1 teaspoon of vanilla essence
Half a teaspoon of cinnamon
220ml of milk
2 apples
oil for frying


Big mushrooms tempt me every time they are in the shop. There are enough in the pack for dinner for two people. This time I bought them and prepared a fast and very yummy lunch for me and my husband – stuffed mushrooms with spinach. This dish has only one fault. It is necessary to prepare it and eat it at once, because after reheating it isn't so yummy.

You can prepare the stuffing for the mushrooms with the ingredients you have in the fridge. You can use groats, cheese, vegetables or meat. Use a ready recipe or make your own combination. The choices are endless.

The recipe for the stuffing comes from book "Jeść zdrowiej".

Ingredients (for 2 people)
4 big mushrooms
5 tablespoons of cashew nuts
3 cloves of garlic
1 onion
300g of fresh spinach
8 dried tomatoes
4 tablespoons of chopped parsley
100g of feta cheese
1 tablespoon of butter
2 tablespoons of lemon juice
salt and pepper


Ripe and sweet mango is the secret of an excellent mango lassi. In Poland it is difficult to buy yellow and very sweet mango, so I promise myself that someday I'll make this drink with fruit "from the tree". For the present, I have to use mango which I can buy in Poland. The recipe for mango lassi is very easy, and the cooling drink is wonderfully refreshing and yummy. It is excellent for a hot summer afternoon. My children said that it is yellow yoghurt Mrugnięcie. The original recipe has water among the ingredients, but we like it when mango lassi is a bit thicker. I don't add water, but I use only natural yoghurt. On the internet I found a recipe for mango lassi with kefir. I haven't drunk it yet, but maybe next time I'll try it.


2 ripe mangos
400ml of natural yoghurt
4-5 tablespoons of orange juice
3 tablespoons of maple syrup


In my home my grandma was the master of pancakes, crepes and dumplings. Nobody could make such yummy pancakes with apples and such thin crepes as her. Today I adjusted one of her recipes. I added baked pumpkin and corn flour to the dough for classical potato dumplings.

I served mild, beautifully coloured dumplings with sage butter, pistachios and Parmesan. My children like sweet dumplings with breadcrumbs, butter and sugar. I like them fried with stew and fresh salad. All versions are excellent.

400g of baked pumpkin
200g of boiled potatoes
150g of corn flour
150g of wheat flour
1 egg
2 tablespoon of butter
a few leaves of sage
parmesan and pistachios

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