It would be a pleasure for me if after reading my texts you made a comment on them or shared your experiences or feelings with me. Every sign that my writing is thought-provoking or that I have inspired somebody to act will be positive for me. I hope that if some of you use my culinary recipes and the dish is tasty enough, you will write me a brief message such as: "not bad - you do this well". It is fascinating for me that by describing things from the perspective of my flat in Warsaw I can reach out to so many people who are similar to me from all over the world. Maybe one day somebody like me, leading a slightly different life in a slightly different country in a different faraway continent will use my blog and as a result, inspired by a Polish recipe, will share with me an interesting recipe from their regional cuisine. Maybe they will read the same book or see the same movie which I have commented on and will write about how they perceive it from the perspective of their own country - it might be a very interesting experience. Please write if you find something on my blog intriguing.

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