Extraordinary, fast and simple recipes are always valued. I am especially interested in them because I have so little time in the afternoon. My proposition for little sandwiches made from French pastry offer a supper which you can prepare in a flash and, what's more, they are not just ordinary frankfurters. The remarkable recipe:



1 pack of chilled French pastry

120g of mini mozzarella cheese

200g of cherry tomatoes

10 black olives

basil leaves

salt and pepper


Courgette is a product with significant culinary potential. You can eat it raw or cooked. It is excellent grilled, fried or stuffed. It is now possible to buy many different varieties of this vegetable and it has made dishes more interesting and tasty. This year I ate for the first time raw courgette in a salad with carrot, dill and onion. It was very tasty.


My children like grilled courgette the most so this is how it is served most often on our table. This time I use grilled courgette to prepare a light and dainty snack with smoked salmon and cottage cheese. You may spice up the filling in your own way using natural cottage cheese and onion, garlic, horseradish and herbs. I use ready horseradish cottage cheese and enrich it with thyme. This dish is elegant and colourful. It is perfect as a starter before a slap-up meal and as a light supper or snack.


Ingredients for 8 rolls

2 little courgettes

200g of smoked salmon


Second breakfast is an undervalued meal. In fact, second breakfast is only eaten by children in kindergarten and pupils during playtime at school. Working adults settle for coffee. If they for some reason don't eat their breakfast in the morning, they go to fast-food restaurants. A grumbling stomach effectively disrupts even quiet thoughts. Dietitians advise eating five meals during the day with proper three-to-four-hour breaks. This ensures our well-being, corrects our insulin levels and prevents rapid jumps in our blood glucose level, which prevents body fat from amassing.


Today's recipe is for a second breakfast dish. You may prepare it earlier and then reheat it a bit so it is convenient for lunch at work.  It will be liked by adults and children, and for gourmands who count calories it could be a dessert without remorse.


Ingredients (for one portion):

120g of millet groats

300ml of water


Breaking the law is unfortunately a part of humanity's DNA. It is really scary that the number of crimes committed by young people has gone through the roof. They break the law in an increasingly violent way – they don't only steal, but they abuse, rape and kill.


What is the reason for the demoralization of the young generation? Do we adults make any mistakes that cause young people to feel more and more like they can act with impunity? I know that fear is not the best advisor, but I think that only a few years ago concern for justice, teachers and parents caused children to think more often about whether it is worth getting into trouble. Today we have given young people absolute freedom. In my opinion it is a double-edged sword. On the one hand they grow up to be brave people, feeling untouchable and able to defend their rights. On the other hand they think that their every deed will go unpunished.


The contention that crimes are committed by kids from dysfunctional families is a myth, injuring these who by working hard are trying to get away from the cursed cycle of powerlessness. You may see, however, some dependencies. In less wealthy or dysfunctional families kids more often drink alcohol or steal. However, the biggest surprise is that kids from typical families or even from so-called "good houses" break the law as well. In most cases they have everything: houses, loving hard-working parents, money, holidays and gadgets, but they still reach out for drugs and have police records for fighting, mugging or other crimes.


It was the movie "The Absent One" by Mikkel Nørgaard that led me to this reflection recently. This is an adaptation of the bestselling novel with the same title by Jussi Adler-Olsen. Actually, I do not especially like this kind of movie. I prefer lighter more pleasant movies, or at least something less bloody that doesn't hit me right in the eyes with violence.


If he can, my husband tries to avoid meat. His diet is dominated by groats, vegetables, fruit, eggs and fish. At the weekend I sometimes try to prepare a dish for everyone so as to avoid preparing two dinners.


September is the time when on market stands tomatoes, peppers, courgettes and other autumn gifts strut with colour. This time I choose peppers. Today I would like to share with you a recipe for stuffed peppers with green lentils. It is easy to prepare, not very time-consuming and it doesn't require sophisticated ingredients.



350g of green lentils

4 peppers

1 onion

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