I found the recipe for this soup in an old cookery book. It interested me because of the extremely short preparation time. Actually, it seems that preparing the ingredients takes more time than cooking. The soup is perfect on a difficult day when, regardless of your best intentions, you don't have enough time to cook.



120g of courgettes

100g of carrots

50g of parsley roots

½ onion

1 clove of garlic

100g of butter

1 vegetable stock cube

500 ml of water

200ml of milk

salt and pepper

2 tablespoons of minced dill


The intercom is a device that is well known to everyone who lives in a block. By weird chance, in my house it is more often broken than working, but it is possible that the heat has done something to it. Actually, I am not surprised; it doesn't help me either. The intercom allows young people to avoid running up and downstairs, taking the lift and verbal communication between the ground and the tenth floor, which is ineffective and annoying for the neighbours. It turns out that in the imagination of some people, the intercom may be a tool used to torture residents. And I am not talking about nasty jokes of bored teenagers.


Spurred by three excellent books about the prosecutor Szacki, I went for the next book by Zygmunt Miłoszewski. I expected another criminal novel, the more so since "Intercom" starts with the bloody death of a resident of an apartment block in the Warsaw district of Praga. The police appear at the block and ... this is the end of the criminal story.


"Intercom" is a thriller with surprising plot twists written in the style of Carlos Ruiz Zafon. In the foreground we have a loving young couple who intend to start their new life in Warsaw. You can imagine that a headless corpse on the day of their arrival is only the beginning of a streak of unusual and scary affairs. The nightmare affects not only these new residents. The majority of them struggle with their own demons that terrify them at night.


In my grandma's house supper was a must. If dinner was especially hearty or was served too late, when asked whether she wanted supper my grandmother replied, "Yes, but letką" (it means "light" supper, not too much and not too heavy). It is one of the warm "pictures" I have to remember my grandma.


Today's recipe is for letką supper – layered salad with tomatoes. It is worth making this in the summer when tomatoes smell like tomatoes and have a beautiful ripe colour.



2 tomatoes

1 egg

handful of minced chives

a couple of leaves of rocket

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