In a moment we will tear off the next page of the calendar and the date will change. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for another year spent together in the virtual world of my blog. I hope that ahead of us there are many more articles and comments to come.


I would like to wish for all of us in the coming year that the world surrounding us will become less cruel and unpredictable, that people will be more smiley and friendly, and that we will all look more peacefully into the future together.


Everyone likes muffins (in Poland called babeczki). They came to Poland from the USA and Great Britain, where they are very popular. They can have different fillings: sweet, such as with chocolate, fruity or dry with meat, cheese and vegetables. All varieties taste excellent. It is interesting that in the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand "English muffins" are known as fried yeasty pikelets, served hot with butter.


Today I discovered that I could use a popular baking pan for muffins "with dimples" to make a sweet interesting dessert or hot dinner. French pastry molded in the shape of small baskets with a pear-cheese filling with walnuts looked almost identical to muffins and was delicious. As with muffins, you can use different fillings. You should remember that if you use juicy fruits like strawberries, raspberries or blueberries, you should put a bit of crumbled sponge cake on the French pastry in order to soak up the juice.


Ingredients for 15 "almost muffins"

1 pack of chilled French pastry

1 egg yolk

5 pears

150g of gorgonzola cheese

10 walnuts

1 tablespoon of butter


You get used to good things very fast. For some reason, I have of late been baking a lot of sweet things at the weekend: cakes, muffins and cookies. Last weekend before Christmas I was lazy. I didn't want to bake anything. My children were indignant. What do you mean there is no dessert? On Sunday I was filled with remorse and moved by the sad faces of my children, so I prepared a colourful chocolate dessert.


Basic ingredients, 15 minutes of preparation, a few minutes in the fridge and my children's faces – invaluable. I recommend it to every hard-working mother.



250 ml of 30% cream

150g of mascarpone cheese

150g of chocolate

1 tablespoon of caster sugar

colourful chocolate drops


It is the end of something which for the last few weeks has been my point of reference for every activity – I feel like this on the first day of Christmas. New Year's Eve is not a day of portent for me. It is too short and consists mainly of an evening and night spent at a boisterous party or travel in the arms of Morpheus. In spite of appearances, it isn't the time for contemplation, reflection and summing up. During Christmas it is different.


Even if we have visitors or visit somebody else, we have time for a cup of tea or a glass of wine, and this moment is conducive to reflection. I associate the first day of Christmas with things ending. This isn't a negative concept. It is just that a lot of things end so that more things can begin.


Up to now everything has been "about Christmas". No matter how hard we try, the next family meetings won't be as spectacular as Christmas Eve. On 24th December my children will open the last small surprise in their Advent Calendar. My freshly cleaned home shines, and until the dust gathers in the corners again, I don't have to do anything. The madness of Christmas shopping and the build up to Christmas is behind us. We only have to eat everything, hoping that the fat will accumulate not only on the hips. For children, and some adults, the exciting wait for the guest with the white beard finishes with the impatient unpacking of gifts.


Every one of us has memorized one unique good and cheerful Christmas. For some of us it will be Christmas with our beloved family; for others Christmas with a long awaited and perfect gift by the Christmas tree. Somebody else will talk about an event which they have memorized in a unique and special way.


A few years ago on Christmas Eve afternoon I took from hospital my little two-day old son. I was not allowed to eat any cabbage, dumplings or fried carp. I remember the shining Christmas tree, my happy daughter by the mountain of presents, the remarkable atmosphere and the feeling that I had nearby all the most important people in my life. I would like to wish you all just such a magical Christmas.


Spend it as you like: with your whole family or only with your closest relatives; by a huge living Christmas tree or by a little artificial one; sitting at home at a richly covered table or at a posh restaurant. Let this time be for every one of you a moment of respite, rest and closeness.

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