This year we spent our winter holiday in Tri-City. We lived within easy walking distance of "Monciak", i.e. the most popular street in Sopot, which is comparable to the well-known Krupówki in Zakopane. Thanks to that, the walk to the beautiful seaside and the pier lasted about 15 minutes. Everything would have been great but for an intrusive and mouthy lout who tried to ruin our holiday on the very first day. But that is a story for the another entry. We decided not to pay any attention to the boorishness, and slamming the door we started our stay in Sopot with a walk to the pier and beach. Strong frost, gathering dusk and a cold wind tried to cut our walk short, but we were tough and we hung in. Waves, rumbling wind and seagulls are the stuff of the Polish coast. In the summer we can add hot sand and a maze of windbreaks, but now, for obvious reasons, we didn't encounter this.
However, we are not made of steel, so we were absolutely freezing when we got down from the pier. Fortunately, we found a nice restaurant called Fish band. It was placed very attractively by the pier on the first floor in the left arcade. This entrance could be misleading. We saw a slightly subdued light and we thought that the restaurant was closed. We made our way inside where it was much better: light, tasteful, warm and above all - very tasty.
Though the menu predominately consisted of fish and seafood, in the restaurant you can also find a dish for people who don't like fish or can't eat them. We ordered fish soup - mild but with a strong fishy taste and a hint of horseradish.


My mother made these small cookies when I was a small child. Two versions of this old recipe have survived: the first one is for scones and the second is with egg yolks for so-called cookies from a mincer. Both of them have one fault. We eat the first cookie, and then suddenly... an empty plate.

A few years ago, to my surprise, I found cookies like this in a baker's in a small seaside town. They contained plums, and, sprinkled with caster sugar they reminded me of childhood and were really tasty. Prepare them in your kitchen. You need only a few basic ingredients. My mother used some margarine for preparing the cookies. I used butter.

400g of flour
200g of 18% cream
200g of butter
3 tablespoons of caster sugar
plum stew
caster sugar for sprinkling


In defiance of the outside weather, which reminds me more of October than April, on my table there are green things. I prepared beautiful green soup with spinach and a hint of garlic and served with hard-boiled egg. What a pity that I discovered it only now because it could be a light alternative to sour rye soup or borsch for Easter dinner.

I found the inspiration for preparing this soup in the "My cooking" newspaper. The dish looks extremely spring-like and decorative. Maybe it sounds trivial, but you should remember to clean the spinach thoroughly and remove the thick, hard stems. Grinding sand and unblended grains effectively ruin the tasty effect of the soup.

400g of spinach
3 cloves of garlic
half an onion
2 potatoes
1l of vegetable stock
1 tablespoon of butter
100ml of 18% sweet cream
4 eggs


Looking for ideas for dinner and packed lunches, I found a few recipes involving muffins: with ham, dried tomatoes, vegetables and herbs. I decided to prepare my own version with our favourite ingredients. I added ham, cheese and courgette. They were excellent both hot and cold the next day.

My daughter, who likes trying my culinary experiments, ate the muffins at once and another two for packed lunch. The next time I will prepare many more.

Ingredients (8 muffins):
200g of flour
1 teaspoon of baking soda
125ml of milk
50ml of oil
1 egg
200g of courgettes
75g of ham
100g of cheese
2 teaspoon of mixed herbs
salt and pepper


Ever-popular corn flakes were invented because of a fascination with vegetarianism. At the end of XIX century, the American doctor John Harvey Kellogg served corn flakes and peanut butter for the first time at the health resort where he worked. Both products had an influence on the diet of Americans and people from all over the world.

Now, when I look at all the different breakfast cereals on the supermarket shelves, it is sometimes difficult to decide which to buy. Most of them are very tasty but traditional corn flakes (although they aren't sweet) are always gladly chosen by my children.

I have always served corn flakes with milk or yoghurt, and sometimes I use them to make batter for chicken breast. When I found a recipe for corn-flake cookies at I decided to try it. In the original recipe there is sugar as well as honey. I left it out – even without it the cookies were sweet enough. The golden cookies are nice and crispy, and my children like them very much.

100g of butter
4 tablespoons of honey
1/2 teaspoon of vanilla essence
180g of corn flakes
130g of nuts

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