I wish you health and love because everybody needs them regardless of our situation.

I wish you also a happy, sunny and spring-like Easter;

yummy dishes on the Easter table, kindness and a relaxed meeting with family and friends.

I hope that every one of us will find in this Easter what they need most:

family atmosphere, rest and reflection.

Let the special atmosphere recharge our internal battery before the following busy days.

Happy Easter!


Though it is difficult to believe, another year has gone past. Our children are older, outside is green and white by turns, and only we are still young and beautiful Mrugnięcie

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for another year spent together in the virtual world of my blog. I hope that ahead of us there are many more articles and comments to come.

I will keep my fingers crossed, so that in the coming year your dreams will come true: big and small, those that we say out loud and those which are our deepest secrets. I wish you health, happiness, love and nice, friendly people all around.

Happy New Year!


Every year before Christmas we open our hearts in a special way. We are nicer to each other, we often smile, we share with needy people more gladly.

And this is what the magic of Christmas is all about. It is a special family time. Sometimes Christmas is nostalgic and full of reflection, and sometimes it is crazy, full of happiness and the rustle of paper during the unwrapping of longed-for presents. Christmas smells of gingerbread cake and Christmas trees glimmering with Christmas tree lights; it tastes of mushrooms and cheesecake.

This year I wish for the magic of Christmas to stay with you for the whole year, for the world around us to be more friendly, for us to be healthy and happy and to have the time and means to realize our dreams. May concerns and misfortunes give us a wide berth.

Merry Christmas!


I wish you a happy and sunny Easter, yummy dishes on the Easter table, wet Śmigus-dyngus (in Poland this is the Easter custom of pouring , for a luck, water for on people at Easterfor luck), kindness and a relaxed meeting with family and friends.

Let's find a while moment for reflection, rest and to appreciate the flourishing spring.

Let the special Easter atmosphere reto charge our internal battery before the next busy days.


I try not to challenge any doctors' decisions regarding prescribed medicines during times of illness. I'm not a doctor, but I try to rely on my intuition and common sense. Before I go to the pharmacy I use old natural medicines and homemade syrups tried and tested by my mum and grandma. I avoid doctors who give out antibiotics too freely.

I don't dispute the necessity of taking medicine during illness. Even if we believe in natural medicine, sometimes we have to take drugs, as it is the only way to get better. Sometimes we also need dietary supplements, because, at our latitude, especially at the end of winter and beginning of spring, it is difficult for the body, as it has to pull on its reserves and we don't have a chances to get fresh vitamins and microelements. Although supplements aren't an alternative to good nutrition, they do have positive effects.

It is a frightening fact that the drug industry convinces us that "pills are good for everything". Adverts tout pills for joints, liver, muscles, memory... Self-care, diet, exercise and fresh air are put on the back burner. People are inherently lazy, so instead of making an effort they choose the soft option and take a drug. Neither our bodies nor our wallets can stand so many drugs.

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