My dears,

I wish you health, plenty of love and peace, because everybody needs these things regardless of our situation. I wish for the world to be open, safe and nice, so that each of us can make our dreams come true. I wish you a return to happy normality. Let the spring atmosphere recharge our internal battery before the coming busy days. Take care of yourselves.

Happy Easter!


My dears,

This hard time, full of worries, will soon be in the past. I wish for you that the next year will be calmer and it will bring a quick return to normal life. We should appreciate what is important in life, look after ourselves and our loved ones, with whom we share every day, and celebrate small everyday pleasures. Have a nice time on this last day of 2020 and go into 2021 with hope.

Happy New Year.



My dears, this year my wishes are really mundane. Everybody can see the current situation. Most of all, I wish health for you and your families, strength for those who are fighting, and hope for those who have empty spaces at the Christmas table.

I wish you a quick return to normal life with restaurants, meetings and trips. I wish you a calm, optimistic Christmas with a Christmas tree, with delicious dishes and lots of gifts from Santa Claus.

Merry Christmas!



My dears,

It doesn't matter how much we try, Easter this year will be completely different. Some of us will spend it alone and some of us will spend it in very limited company.

Above all, I wish you spring-like, delicious and colourful celebrations with family. I hope we can all go out together for a walk soon; that we can without stress go to work or school by bus; that the world will be open for travellers; that every closed business can work as usual again and earn money, providing income for workers and owners.

Maybe these words sound weird, but I wish you a return to safe, happy normality.

Happy and healthy Easter!



Well, I find it hard to believe that we once again tore off another page of the calendar and the year changed. It seems like we have only just wished each other Happy Easter, planned a beautiful holiday and started the new school year. The passage of time is relentless, so don't let annoying little details obscure what is really important. I would like to wish you health and love, and for even your most secret dreams to come true. Let people be more smiley and friendly, with the hope that we will all look more peacefully into the future together.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for another year spent together in the virtual world of my blog. I hope that ahead of us there are many more articles and comments to come.

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