The last day of the year gives us food for thought. Everybody who made New Year's resolutions can think about which ones they achieved and if it's worth trying again with the ones they didn't. I don't make New Years resolutions. If I am not able to deliver, they make me frustrated and dissatisfied. Now I try to take up the gauntlet and realize my dreams which I meet on my way. One of my challenges for the last few years has been systematically updating my blog. I would like to thank everybody who assists me with this work. Without you it would be more difficult and less inspiring.

Celebrating the year's end and with the next one in front of us, I wish that all your dreams will come true; that your goals will always be clear and you will chase after them. Let positive people be around you, the people who have inspired and pushed you forward. Let the New Year 2019 be better than the one which is coming to an end.

Happy New Year!




Before Christmas we think that everything is important: twelve traditional dishes on the Christmas Eve table, shopping, clean windows, polished floor and a lot of sophisticated presents. When we stop during the pre-Christmas madness for a while and search our hearts, we understand that the most important thing is our family. If we don't have anybody to sit with at the table, give a hug or smile over a cup of hot cocoa, all our efforts are pointless.

At this amazing time of year, I wish you to meet only friendly, loving people who will share the magic of Christmas time with you. I hope the coming days will be full of health, fulfilled dreams, nice family meetings and smiles on children's faces.

Merry Christmas!




I wish you health and love because everybody needs them regardless of our situation.

I wish you also a happy, sunny and spring-like Easter;

yummy dishes on the Easter table, kindness and a relaxed meeting with family and friends.

I hope that every one of us will find in this Easter what they need most:

family atmosphere, rest and reflection.

Let the special atmosphere recharge our internal battery before the following busy days.

Happy Easter!


Though it is difficult to believe, another year has gone past. Our children are older, outside is green and white by turns, and only we are still young and beautiful Mrugnięcie

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for another year spent together in the virtual world of my blog. I hope that ahead of us there are many more articles and comments to come.

I will keep my fingers crossed, so that in the coming year your dreams will come true: big and small, those that we say out loud and those which are our deepest secrets. I wish you health, happiness, love and nice, friendly people all around.

Happy New Year!


Every year before Christmas we open our hearts in a special way. We are nicer to each other, we often smile, we share with needy people more gladly.

And this is what the magic of Christmas is all about. It is a special family time. Sometimes Christmas is nostalgic and full of reflection, and sometimes it is crazy, full of happiness and the rustle of paper during the unwrapping of longed-for presents. Christmas smells of gingerbread cake and Christmas trees glimmering with Christmas tree lights; it tastes of mushrooms and cheesecake.

This year I wish for the magic of Christmas to stay with you for the whole year, for the world around us to be more friendly, for us to be healthy and happy and to have the time and means to realize our dreams. May concerns and misfortunes give us a wide berth.

Merry Christmas!

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