I have been a housewife for many years. I like it. I'm not bored and the ironing is the only chore which I hate. Recently, my daughter has been helping me out me with it. So I sit down silently, enjoy my escape from the ironing and I pray she doesn't change her mind Mrugnięcie

Sometimes I have one of those days when nothing goes right. Today I started from dessert, which broke down before I really started preparing it. I felt that I shouldn't do any serious housework. On such days I can burn even the water for the tea. I was desperate and I looked for a very easy dessert so as not to mess it up. I found it at www.mojewypieki.com. This dessert was the only thing which went well. Even though these cookies with French pastry look inconspicuous, they are excellent. Thin, light, crunchy and not too sweet. You have to try them.

Ingredients (8 cookies)
1 pack of French pastry
8 teaspoons of apricot jam
10-12 strawberries
1 tablespoon of milk
chocolate drops
caster sugar


Half of June has been marked by heat like in southern Europe. On days like these in my kitchen and fruit vegetables are king, unless my son asks me for dumplings or broth Mrugnięcie I have already made dumplings in this heat, and today I would like to share with you the recipe for the most summery soup I know, i.e. cold soup. This time I made it differently. My cold soup was made with fruit and not with vegetables or natural yoghurt and kefir. The watermelon-strawberry cold soup is gentle, light and refreshing, and the feta cheese and lemon pepper change the fruit cocktail into a yummy and interesting soup.

1kg of watermelon
0.5 kg of strawberries
a few leaves of peppermint
a few leaves of basil
3 tablespoons of lemon juice
1 tablespoon of honey
100g of feta cheese
lemon pepper


Recently I started to like risotto. I love the creamy texture of the rice. Plain to begin with, the dish has a lot of potential. You can prepare it with vegetables and parmesan, with meat or seafood and fish. I like risotto with asparagus spears. Today I would like to recommend risotto with chard. It is slightly sweet and beautifully pink. My son said that it is risotto for girls, but he ate and liked it. He especially enjoyed the small caramelized beetroots.

The idea for this dish comes from the Lidl on-line culinary book.

200g of rice for the risotto
100ml of dry white wine
500ml of vegetable stock
2 tablespoons of butter
3 tablespoons of parmesan
1 bunch of chard
1 tablespoon of honey
4 tablespoons of almond flakes
1 shallot
1 clove of garlic
salt and pepper


Today I prepared strawberry tapioca pudding with white chocolate. The beginning of the holiday was excellent, because my children love tapioca pudding. I have already prepared many versions of this dessert: vanilla, coconut, and chocolate. Every time it is really great. Many types of fruit go well with this dessert, but especially slightly sour ones.

60g of tapioca
420ml of milk (any kind of milk)
half a teaspoon of vanilla essence
50g of white chocolate
500g of strawberries


Popcorn – some people love it, others don't. I'm somewhere in between. I don't eat it at home, but at the cinema I always eat a small bucket of popcorn. It is a habit. My children love popcorn. They like to watch how the small yellow seeds change into white popcorn. I don't buy popcorn for the microwave. I heat a bit of oil, add the dry corn seeds, spice it up with salt and cover quickly. I need to stir every so often to heat the seeds steadily, and then we can watch the popping seeds.

For some time at the cinema we have been able to buy nachos with spicy red sauce. I have never bought any, but recently when I planned a movie night I decided to change our habit and made some nachos. I served the yummy paprika triangles with horseradish-avocado sauce and tomato-basil salsa.

The recipe for home nachos comes from the on-line Lidl cookery book.

200g of cornmeal
100g of wheat flour
1 teaspoon of salt
2 tablespoons of oil
warm water
sweet or spicy paprika
oil for frying

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