'Oh no! Not stuffed mushrooms' – said my son, who isn't a mushroom fan – 'Yesterday I had to eat oyster mushrooms'. When he looked into the oven he thought that we would eat meatballs, which were being cooked at that moment. Later it turned out to be one dish – mushrooms stuffed with mincemeat. We all sat at the table willingly, and I can say that the dinner was delicious.

I have made stuffed mushrooms a few times, but I don't know why I only just stuffed them with mincemeat for the first time. It certainly won't be the last time. I am curious if you will like it as much as we did. Mushrooms can be served as dinner, but they can also be a hot starter for carnival.

20 mushrooms
500g of mincemeat
300g of spinach
1 shallot
2 cloves of garlic
4 tablespoons of breadcrumbs
3 teaspoons of butter
150g of mozzarella
salt and pepper


Shortbread is a very useful product used in both sweet and savoury baked goods. It is great as a base for cakes and tarts; we can bake delicious cookies, croissants or pies. Your choice is limited only by your imagination and the kinds of ingredients you add. Today I offer you quick shortbread scones with plums, which are perfect as a dessert with afternoon coffee or as a sweet extra for breakfast. You can also take a plate of cookies and lose yourself in a wonderful book. Unfortunately, you will then have to start the baking all over again Mrugnięcie

400g of flour
200g of 18% cream
200g of butter
3 tablespoons of caster sugar
2 egg yolks
2 tablespoons of milk
2 tablespoons of brown sugar
caster sugar for sprinkling


Potato pancakes with stew should be a big dish with a lot of delicious stew. I decided to change this dish a bit and I prepared my own version of it. Maybe it is because my son had one pancake with meat 'just to try it' and the rest he consumed with traditional icing sugar. The rest of my family ate pancakes with stew. I have to say that I like this version more. It is easier and quicker to make, easier to serve and the dish looks amazing. But each to their own. I will stick with my version, which I sincerely recommend.

potato pancakes
1kg of potatoes
half an onion
5 tablespoons of flour
2 eggs
salt and pepper
oil for frying
Peel the potatoes and grate them. Put the potatoes in a sieve and drain them. Leave the liquid from the potatoes for a few minutes, then pour away the water and add some starch to the grated potatoes. Grate the onion. Add the onion, flour and eggs to the potatoes. Mix them in. Spice it up with salt and pepper. Using a spoon, put the mixture in a pan with heated oil and fry on both sides until it is lightly brown. Put the fried pancak


I don't have to tell anybody about the benign features of fresh fish. But it can be a hard ingredient of dishes, especially for children. I don't know from where this animosity to fish comes from. Maybe because of the bones? I don't have to persuade my children to eat fish, but it is indeed the case that fish that you have to work hard to eat aren't their favourite. But every child likes chops. So we will use them to smuggle some fish onto the kids' menu.

Today I went a step further. I added broccoli and millet groats to chops. You may ask: did anybody guess the ingredients? There was no time for that. They disappeared from the plate too fast for anybody to think about it.

500g of trout without the skin and bones
half a bunch of broccoli
50g of dry millet groats
1 onion
1 teaspoon of butter
1 egg
salt and pepper
breadcrumbs and oil for frying


Usually I cook for the whole family. Sometimes I prepare something that my children really like, because we adults adjust more easily and "like" everything. This time I did something different and prepared a dessert for adults. I served a light mousse with nuts with perfect winter gingerbread liqueur and dark chocolate. It is very easy to make a child-friendly version of this dessert. Just replace the gingerbread liqueur with fruit or chocolate icing. You should prepare the liqueur a few days earlier. It is excellent on a languorous winter evening, or it goes well with dessert and ice cream for adults.

peanut mousse
150ml of aquafaba
a pinch of salt
2-3 tablespoons of peanut butter
1 teaspoon of caster sugar
gingerbread liqueur
400ml of sweet condensed milk
50g of dark chocolate
1 tablespoon of gingerbread spices
175ml of whisky
200ml of vodka

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