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A new approach to coffee

domowy patchwork

Do you remember the time when cocoa was a rarity and in our childhood mugs we most often had caffeine-free corn coffee, Inka coffee or tea with sugar and milk (in Poland called "bawarka"). I still like all of these drinks. My brother didn't drink corn coffee, and "bawarka" and Inka coffee were a kind of punishment for him. My children don't like Inka coffee either. I don't dare give them "bawarka", but I drink it sometimes .


Recently, quite coincidentally, I found on the internet a website about Inka coffee. It turns out that I can make a few interesting and tasty drinks. Most of them I would rather combine with desserts. As well as fruit, my children got one of them for dessert. The combination of two kinds of chocolate, Inka coffee and whipped cream was excellent.


Ingredients (for two people):

5 pieces of dark chocolate

5 pieces of white chocolate

200 ml of milk

4 teaspoons of Inka coffee

150ml of 30% sweet cream

1 teaspoon of caster sugar

2 tablespoons of chocolate glaze


Warm up the milk and melt the two kinds of chocolate in it. Dissolve the Inka coffee in the chocolate milk. Whisk the sweet cream with caster sugar. Pour the drink into some cups, decorate with the whipped cream and chocolate glaze.


Enjoy your drink!

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  • Andrea
    Mocha is delicious coffee with chocolate. This is similar. Who could not enjoy? I did not know Inka, so did a Google search and learned on Wikipedia. Here in England there is Barleycup. I am from the US and enjoyed Ovaltine. (Ovaltine is the name in English speaking countries - someone at the patent office made a mistake
    dodano: 22.12.2020, godz.- 15:17
    • domowypatchwork
      Inka is our chickory coffee. I think that you can use any kind of coffee without caffeine.
      dodano: 29.12.2020, godz.- 00:26
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