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Stuffed pepper with green lentils

domowy patchwork

If he can, my husband tries to avoid meat. His diet is dominated by groats, vegetables, fruit, eggs and fish. At the weekend I sometimes try to prepare a dish for everyone so as to avoid preparing two dinners.


September is the time when on market stands tomatoes, peppers, courgettes and other autumn gifts strut with colour. This time I choose peppers. Today I would like to share with you a recipe for stuffed peppers with green lentils. It is easy to prepare, not very time-consuming and it doesn't require sophisticated ingredients.



350g of green lentils

4 peppers

1 onion

2 cloves of garlic

1 tin of tomatoes (cubed)

1 teaspoon of thyme

1 tablespoon of butter

salt and pepper

Clean the lentils in water and boil them in salted water for 30 minutes (for one portion of lentils, one and a half portions of water). Slice the onion, garlic and fry lightly in butter. Add the tomatoes and thyme, and spice them up with salt and pepper. Stew for 5-7 minutes. Mix them with the boiled lentils. Clean the peppers, cut the tops off and remove the seeds. Fill the peppers with stuffing and cover with the tops you cut off. Cover a casserole dish with some baking paper, dot it with olive oil and put the peppers in. Heat the oven up to 180 C and bake for 30 minutes. Serve with salad and rice.


Enjoy your meal!

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