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Yellow yoghurt, i.e. my mango lassi

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Ripe and sweet mango is the secret of an excellent mango lassi. In Poland it is difficult to buy yellow and very sweet mango, so I promise myself that someday I'll make this drink with fruit "from the tree". For the present, I have to use mango which I can buy in Poland. The recipe for mango lassi is very easy, and the cooling drink is wonderfully refreshing and yummy. It is excellent for a hot summer afternoon. My children said that it is yellow yoghurt Mrugnięcie. The original recipe has water among the ingredients, but we like it when mango lassi is a bit thicker. I don't add water, but I use only natural yoghurt. On the internet I found a recipe for mango lassi with kefir. I haven't drunk it yet, but maybe next time I'll try it.

2 ripe mangos
400ml of natural yoghurt
4-5 tablespoons of orange juice
3 tablespoons of maple syrup

Wash and peel the mango. Remove the stone. Blend the flesh with the yoghurt, orange juice and maple syrup. Try it. If it is too sour – add more maple syrup. Serve chilled with leaves of peppermint.

Enjoy your drink!

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