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Merry Christmas!


Every year before Christmas we open our hearts in a special way. We are nicer to each other, we often smile, we share with needy people more gladly.

And this is what the magic of Christmas is all about. It is a special family time. Sometimes Christmas is nostalgic and full of reflection, and sometimes it is crazy, full of happiness and the rustle of paper during the unwrapping of longed-for presents. Christmas smells of gingerbread cake and Christmas trees glimmering with Christmas tree lights; it tastes of mushrooms and cheesecake.

This year I wish for the magic of Christmas to stay with you for the whole year, for the world around us to be more friendly, for us to be healthy and happy and to have the time and means to realize our dreams. May concerns and misfortunes give us a wide berth.

Merry Christmas!

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