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“Stories for Boys Who Dare to Be Different” Ben Brooks


Although our children have their cherished activities, and as typical representatives of the younger generation they like electronic gadgets, reading books has always been a part of their lives and ours. Until recently we fostered within our son a love of books by reading him books which we chose ourselves. Now he has started to choose for himself and read what is trendy among his friends. After all, we start off with the assumption that there is a moment when children will start to read books which they like, which they chose by themselves, and that a love of reading has been deeply implanted. Then the time will come to suggest things which are worth knowing and reading.

Many books present a good reason for discussion. Even those which are seemingly meant for kids should be worked on. Lately, one such book which encouraged our discussion of especially difficult topics was the book: "Stories for Boys Who Dare to Be Different" by Ben Brooks'. My son summed it up with one sentence: "It's a book without content, but with adventures" and there is something in it. It isn't a novel. The book contains 100 short notes about different men and their adventures, about overcoming weaknesses and pursuing a set goal. The characters are musicians, scientists, sportsmen, actors, activists, community workers and visionaries. Among them we can find Ludwig van Beethoven, Stephen Hawking, Lionel Messi, Nelson Mandela and many more. Every person named in this book did something special, overcame their own limitations and adversities. Whatever they did, they can be an inspiration for young people.

By introducing the lives of famous and less famous men, the author raises readers' awareness of concepts such as tolerance, protection of the environment, democracy, homosexuality and feminism, and draws attention to the problems of modern life that we can fight against. Exclusion, discrediting, sensitivity and fighting for people's rights; these are topics to think and talk about, which will lead to active efforts in the future.

In my opinion the book places too much emphasis on the acceptance of people with regard to their sexual orientation. The amount of characters connected with this topic is a bit overwhelming. Some of them could be successfully replaced with people that did something amazing in different areas. Maybe it is a sign of the times or the individual author's need. Despite this, Ben Brook's book, with interesting pictures by Quinton Winter, shows that lessons for kids and teens don't have to contain dragons, ghosts, princesses or bloody fights. The characters can be entirely modern people with real ideas, challenges and adventures. Many of them can inspire and be a guiding light.

Even if for some of you the choice of characters isn't to your liking, it is worth reading this book and choosing even a few important characters. Introduce it to your kids, even if it is only to sensitize them to the problems raised.

I recommend it!

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