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Perfect for roasting hot days

domowy patchwork

Do you remember what our seasons looked like a few years ago? The winter was frosty, snowy, and it was on time. Christmas was white and we didn't worry about the snow during the winter holiday. Then came spring. A bit rainy, a bit sunny, with the temperature sufficient to wake everything up into life. June always promised the summer with a temperature up to 26C, sun and rain – just enough to make everybody happy: people on holiday and farmers during the harvest. The autumn was rainy and it got gradually colder, with painted leaves on the trees. And then everything started again with a clean slate.

For sure there were anomalies. Singularly strong frost in winter, snow in May or enormous heatwaves. But it was an exception to the rule. Rarely were there situations when the lack of snow in the winter, huge heat and lack of rain caused the most important Polish rivers to almost dry up. I remember last year waiting for the rain while the ever more shallow Vistula and Oder rivers bared the next treasures for archaeologists to find. This year's rains aren't normal. They are tropical rainstorms which cause water damage and local floods.

But we have this kind of climate and we have to deal with it. Those who can't spend the heat in the cool sea or can't go away to a chilly climate have to look for homemade ways of refreshment. One of these is eating fruit. Tropical fruits are best for the heat. They have the most water, ascorbic acid and micronutrients, which we lose by sweating. Limes, lemons, and oranges are excellent ingredients for homemade lemonade, bringing refreshment during the hottest days. Apart from the fact that they are very tasty, their look brings respite during the summer afternoon. Doesn't a jug with cool water, slices of fruit, peppermint leaves and ice cubes look beautiful?

We should reach out for watermelons and melons during hot days. The watermelon consists almost solely of water: 92 % water with vitamins, potassium and calcium, which not only quenches the thirst but also combats the lack of electrolytes. Most of all, sportsmen should eat watermelons. One of its ingredients is cytrulline – an amino acid which causes muscle growth during exercise, increases blood supply and nourishment and quickens regeneration of muscles.

Today I would like to propose a recipe for a fruit cup which my husband prepared for us. Apart from watermelon, he added to the cocktail a pear and a sweet peach. Thanks to this, sugar was unnecessary. If your fruits aren't so sweet, you may add a bit of honey.

1/8 of watermelon
1 pear
2 peaches
bits of fruit for decoration
peppermint leaves

Peel the peaches and pear and cut them up. Slice the watermelon and remove the stones. Blend the fruits thoroughly. Pour the mousse into some chilled cups. Decorate with the bits of fruits and peppermint leaves.

Enjoy your drink!


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