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Green spring crepes with smoked trout and goat cheese


I made spring crepes for the first time a few years ago, serving them with cottage cheese with radishes and cress. Today I called them to mind while looking for an idea for supper. Today I prepared stuffing for crepes with smoked trout, goat cheese, horseradish and lettuce. Such crepes were an excellent supper and my husband asked me for another serving for his lunch box. The green crepes were a great alternative to traditional tortillas.

340g of ready semolina
700ml of milk
100g of spinach
2 eggs
4 tablespoons of oil
a hint of salt
150g of goat cheese
200g of smoked trout
4 teaspoons of horseradish

Blend the spinach with the milk, water, egg and oil. Add the flour and mix it in. Pour a portion of the dough into a medium frying pan and fry on both sides.
Spread the crepes with the goat cheese and horseradish. Add the lettuce, smoked trout, sliced pepper and chives. Roll the crepes up.

Enjoy your meal!

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