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Jam with plums and chocolate


Apart from ecological matters, there is another reason why I don't buy chocolate cream Nutella. I love it and I'm able to eat any amount of it. I know it is so sweet, and I shouldn't do this, but it is beyond my control. When the jar is open, I have to eat Nutella. So I don't buy it. If I don't have Nutella, I can't eat it.

This year during the holiday I made a mistake and I bought some jam with peaches and chocolate. It tasted just like Nutella. Unfortunately, the ingredients of the little treat were strange, so I decided to prepare fruit jam with chocolate in my kitchen. I swapped peaches for plums, because I thought that the jam would be less sweet. If you would like to make a drier taste, you need to add a bit of bitter cocoa. If you buy less sweet plums, add a bit more sugar. Try it yourself. As a precaution I made only a small portion. Mrugnięcie

0.5 kg of plums
4 tablespoons of brown sugar
a pinch of cinnamon
40g of milk chocolate
60g of dark chocolate

Wash the plums and remove the stones. Blend the plums thoroughly. Put the mousse into a saucepan, add the sugar and cinnamon and fry for an hour and a half. Stir the mousse often. Add the chocolate and mix it in. Boil the jam with the chocolate and put it into a clean jar. Keep in the fridge.

Enjoy your meal!

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