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Sandwiches that look like a cake


Today I would like to share with you a recipe for a satisfying breakfast or early supper. Pumpernickel with smoked salmon looks interesting, and my son couldn't decide whether it looks more like a sandwich or a cake.


Pumpernickel probably comes from Germany and in the XVII century its name meant 'sad layer', bread that is hard to digest. It is dark, baked in a baking pan, sourdough, with coarse-grained rye flour, honey, treacle or extract from apples and malt. Pumpernickel is brown, sometimes almost black. It is baked at a low temperature (120-150C) but for a very long time of up to 16 hours.


Pumpernickel has a low glycemic index (46) so it is perfect for people who have an active lifestyle, exercise often, and would like to lose weight.


4 slices of pumpernickel

2 tablespoons of butter

a half of clove of garlic

2 tablespoons of minced dill

100g of smoked salmon

1 slice of cheese

6 slices of fresh cucumber

salt and pepper


Mix the butter with the salt, pepper, dill and crushed garlic to make a smooth paste. Spread the mixture on every slice of pumpernickel. Put the salmon on two of the slices and the cheese and cucumber on another one. Layer the slices one on top of the other: a slice with salmon then a slice with cheese and cucumber, then a slice with salmon and then a slice with butter (the buttered side face down). Dig 6 cocktail sticks into the bread and cut it up to make 6 small sandwiches. Decorate with olives, capers, small tomatoes and lettuce leaves.


Enjoy your meal!

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