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Strawberry rum drink - because parents also have a holiday sometimes


Though I find it very hard to believe, holidays are not only for children. After a sunny day, we usually drink local wine or we prepare holiday drinks.

Making use of the end of the strawberry season, I recommend preparing a light strawberry rum drink. The blended strawberries are excellent not only for milk cocktails, but are great for low alcohol drinks. Mix them with sparkling wine, rum or tequila and enjoy a refreshing sweet drink with a bit of liquor. If you don't like the combination of rum and sparkling wine, add Sprite or simply sparkling water. Add frozen strawberries so as not to dilute the drink with dissolved ice.

Ingredients (for 2 drinks)
10 ripe frozen strawberries
50ml of orange juice
25ml of lemon juice
2 tablespoons of maple syrup
50ml of white rum
50ml of sparkling wine

Blend the strawberries, orange and lemon juice, maple syrup and rum. Pour it into some glasses, add the sparkling wine and decorate with the fruit and peppermint leaves.

Enjoy your drink!

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