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Salad with green beans and smoked salmon

domowy patchwork

Holidays have one basic property: they show how much time modern school takes up. when I think about all the learning, projects and presentations my daughter has to do and which absorb my private time as well, my freshly dyed hair bristles. Half of the holiday has gone and I haven't relaxed yet. I relish my free afternoons and enjoy dinners at my leisure.


Today's proposal is for a simple but delicious salad with green beans and smoked salmon. If you don't like the robust taste of garlic, you can omit it or add less.



250g of green beans

100g of smoked salmon

half a red pepper

6 dried tomatoes in olive oil

1 garlic clove

5 walnuts

1 spring onion with chives

4 tablespoons of olive oil from the dried tomatoes

salt and pepper

Boil the green beans so they are al dente, drain them and pour cold water on them. Cut the pepper, tomatoes and salmon into smaller pieces. Mince the spring onion and walnuts. Slice the chives finely. Mix them in, spice up with salt and pepper and sprinkle with the oil from the dried tomatoes.


Enjoy your meal!

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