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Angel wings for frosty Fat Thursday

domowy patchwork

Fat Thursday is the last Thursday before Lent. It begins in the last week of carnival when you can eat as much as you want without any consequences. I don't know what these consequences are exactly, but the calorific value of these sweet things is so big that we limit our sweet madness only to Fat Thursday and we eat less during the remaining weekdays. In Poland we eat a lot of Berliner doughnuts and angel wings, and most bakeries serve only these baked goods on this day. For a few years on our Fat Thursday menu we have had doughnuts and from this year – churros. So as you can see there are many ways to stuff our faces with sweet and fatty things.

250g of flour
25g of butter
125 ml of beer
4 egg yolks
a pinch of salt
caster sugar
oil for frying

Put the flour and salt into a bowl and mix them in. Make a dimple in the flour, add the beer, egg yolks and butter and make a smooth dough with them. Cover the dough with some plastic wrap and leave for a few minutes. Pin out the dough. Cut it into 2-cm strips and then make diamonds. Make a notch in every piece and pass one of the end pieces of the dough through each notch. This is how you make angel wings. Heat the oil in a pan. Fry the angel wings in it for 15-20 seconds on both sides. Put the angel wings on a kitchen towel to remove the fat. Sprinkle with some caster sugar before serving.

Enjoy your meal!

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