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Coffee-chocolate dessert with peanut cream

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Something sweet was walking behind me and I almost tripped on it. As the old Polish saying goes: "Sometimes you have to, or else you will suffocate". Although I could have eaten a piece of chocolate, (amazingly) that wasn't what I wanted. That's why today I offer you a delicious coffee-chocolate dessert with light peanut cream. The dessert has the texture of pudding and a very chocolatey surprise inside, so it's better to eat it hot or a bit warm. Otherwise, the melt-in-the-mouth surprise won't have the same texture Mrugnięcie To the dessert I added two strong as tar espressos, but you can make it only with chocolate if you plan to give it to small children.

500g of coconut milk
2 espressos
50g of dark chocolate
4 pieces of dark chocolate
2 tablespoons of maple syrup
3 tablespoons of flour
half a pomegranate
peanut cream
3 big tablespoons of peanut butter
1 tablespoon of maple syrup
3 tablespoons of warm water
a pinch of salt

Boil the coconut milk with the maple syrup. Melt the 50g of dark chocolate in the hot espresso and add it to the coconut milk. Stir the mixture. Mix the flour with a bit of water and put it into the boiled milk. Boil and mix thoroughly until the dessert is thick. Put one tablespoon each into some small bowls. Put one piece of the chocolate onto them and cover with the rest of the hot dessert.
Blend the peanut butter thoroughly with warm water, the maple syrup and the salt. Put the peanut cream and pomegranate onto the coffee-chocolate dessert.

Enjoy your meal!

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