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Yeasty buns called "rwańce”

domowy patchwork

I have always liked yeasty cakes. It is interesting that it isn't very fresh. I like them slightly stale with butter or jam the most. It simply must be accompanied by strong tea without sugar.

When I can I always buy yeasty buns caller "rwańce" in my favourite bakery. They are sprinkled with sugar. Today I made my own yeasty buns. For a change and with sentiment I prepared a vanilla crumble topping. Just a few years ago my mum made the same.

350g of flour
4g of instant yeast
175ml of milk
40g of butter
75g of sugar
a pinch of salt
crumble topping
25g of butter
50g of flour
1 teaspoon of vanilla essence
30g of caster sugar

Mix the flour with the sugar, salt and yeast. Melt the butter and leave it to cool down. Heat the milk lightly and add the butter and milk to the flour. Knead the dough. The longer the better. The dough should not be too hard, and should be smooth and resilient. Put the dough into a clean bowl, cover with a tea cloth and leave in a warm place for 1.5 hours.
Prepare the crumble topping. Mix the flour and caster sugar in a bowl. Add the cold butter and vanilla essence. Knead with your fingers until you have made a crumble topping.
Heat the oven up to 180C. cover a cake tin with some baking paper.
Knead the dough for a little while. Divide it into 9 pieces and make balls with them. Put them onto the baking paper, cover with a tea cloth for 30 minutes. Smooth with melted butter and sprinkle with the crumble topping. Bake for 25 minutes.

Enjoy your meal!

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