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Cranberry-rosemary confiture for tea


Hot and strong black tea is my favourite way to begin the day. I drink coffee only if I really want it or when meeting a friend. Then it is more like milk with coffee than coffee with milk, but for me the taste and fragrance is the most important. During the day I drink green tea, and in the evening I drink herbal tea. For many years we haven't added sugar to tea. I make an exception only for one sweet addition to tea – confiture. Tea with confiture is for me a kind of dessert. The tea should be served in your favourite cup. I like adding apricot, orange, or cranberry homemade confiture to my tea.

Today I would like to share with you the recipe for my favourite homemade cranberry-rosemary confiture. I also add orange peel and juice to it. It is fragrant and sweet-and-sour, and you have to be careful not to eat the whole jar of confiture with one cup of tea Mrugnięcie

500g of fresh cranberries
5-6 tablespoons of maple syrup
the peel and juice of one orange
2-3 twigs of rosemary

Put the cranberries, orange juice, rosemary and maple syrup into a pan. Boil until the cranberries let out the juice, have broken up a bit and the juice is a bit thicker. Remove the twigs of rosemary, add the orange peel and boil for 1-2 minutes. Try the confiture and add a bit of maple syrup if it is not sweet enough. Turn off the heat and put the confiture into a jar. Pasteurize the jar if you want to use it later.

Enjoy your meal!

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