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Yummy and light snack - steak tartare with salmon


Steak tartare is a dish which you can prepare with raw ingredients. Because I don't have a trusted place to buy fresh fish, I prepare steak tartare with smoked salmon. Old pros say that it isn't the same, and they are right, but I assure you that my steak tartare is really very tasty. It is refreshing, a bit spicy and regardless of how much I prepare, there is never enough.

A few months ago I prepared steak tartare with salmon, pickles and horseradish. Now I would like to share with you a different and lighter version with fresh cucumber, chili pepper and sesame seeds.

300g of smoked salmon
spring onion with the green part
half a fresh cucumber
chili pepper
the peel and juice from half a lime
2 tablespoons of sesame oil
salt and pepper
almond flakes and sesame seeds

Dice the smoked salmon.

Peel the cucumber, remove the cores and dice it. Chop the chili pepper and spring onion. Roast the almond flakes and sesame seeds. Mix the salmon, cucumber, chili pepper and spring onion in a bowl. Spice them up with the salt, pepper, lime juice and peel, and sesame oil. Mix them together. Leave in the fridge for half an hour. Serve with the roast almond flakes and sesame seeds.

Enjoy your meal!

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