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The easiest orange kissel

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My son fancied orange kissel for dessert. I like making my children's little dreams come true, so I decided to do it. I try not to use readymade kissel. I make it by myself from fresh fruit. I had a little problem with the oranges though, because I simply didn't have any left in the kitchen. So I tried using processed orange juice not clarified with pieces of fruit, and it turned out to be a great base for the dessert. The process only involved heating up the juice and adding potato flour with a bit of cold juice. A little heating up and the dessert was ready. Necessity is the mother of invention... even in the kitchen Uśmiech

500ml of orange juice
3 teaspoons of potato flour
2 tablespoons of maple syrup
fruit for decoration

Boil 400ml of orange juice and maple syrup. Mix the potato flour with the rest of the orange juice and add it to the boiling juice, stirring constantly. Boil for a while. Pour the kissel into some bowls. Decorate with some fruit.

Enjoy your meal!

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